Dental Sealants

Reducing tooth decay in children and teens is critical to their longterm healthy smile. A dental sealant is a liquid plastic material that is applied to chewing surfaces of the back teeth. It bonds to and seals the depressions and grooves of teeth, preventing food and bacteria from getting stuck on rough chewing surfaces. This helps protect teeth from the plaque that causes tooth decay. Application is painless. Your dentist will apply the sealant, which hardens quickly. Protection should last years. During regular checkups we will exam how the sealant has worn and can reapply the sealant if necessary.

Studies show that children who get sealants have a 60% decrease in tooth decay. While generally children and teens use sealants to prevent tooth decay, adults can use them too. Prevention and good daily habits can help your child be one of our many patients who never experience tooth decay and cavities.