Oral Hygiene Habits

Dublin Dental Associates wants to be your partner in excellent oral and dental healthcare. We want every patient to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Your personal daily oral hygiene habits play a vital role in reaching this goal.

Tooth Brushing— You should brush you teeth at least twice each day, and always before going to bed at night. We recommend a soft bristle brush and ADA approved toothpaste. Brush the outer, inner and biting surfaces of each tooth. Use the tip of the brush to clean the inside of front teeth. Then brush your tongue to remove plaque and freshen your breath. Two minutes, twice a day can help prevent tooth decay. Flossing— Floss daily to clean between teeth and under the gumline. Flossing stops plaque from building up and helps prevent damage to gums, teeth and bone. Our hygienist will show you how to properly floss. Many people who have difficulty holding floss use a floss holder to make it easier. The important thing is to make flossing a daily habit. Diet— Eating balanced meals, reducing the number of sweet snack and avoiding sugary drinks can help prevent tooth decay. Encourage children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks. Brushing after a meal is preferred but when that isn’t an option, rinse your mouth with water to remove food particles and sugar residue. Excellent oral hygiene habits and personal home care can help you keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.